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Curve the Cube BONUS - Jaime Joins the Horse Radio Network and International Podcast Day - 20170927

Sep 27, 2017

Bonus Curve the Cube Podcast - Jaime Joins the Horse Radio Network and International Podcast Day

Jaime shares some awesome milestones--primarily that she has joined the Horse Radio Network as their new Production Coordinator! Glenn the Geek from HRN joins her on this bonus episode to talk about her role at HRN, her crazy training experience, Hurricane Irma, and so much more! Plus, we get you geared up and ready...

Curve the Cube #123 - ARTIST -Jason JaFleu Fleurant - 20170915

Sep 9, 2017

Haitian Artist to the Stars Jason JaFleu Fleurant on the Curve the Cube Podcast

One of my favorite people (and my birthday buddy), Jason "Jafleu" Fleurant, visits the podcast FOR THE THIRD TIME!! He's our first three-peat, and this is our most exciting conversation to DATE! He shares fun stories of his milestones, opens up about the struggles, lays down insightful knowledge, and comes through...

Eggheads AHP 011 - We're Bright - 20170903

Sep 3, 2017

The Eggheads discuss the Brightline high speed train, newspaper tech, video, and the Anchor App

On episode #11 of Eggheads After Hours, we wrap our heads around the impact of transportation tech on south Florida business life--in particular the new Brightline high-speed train. With key stops limited to Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, and West Palm and an extension being worked for Orlando, the Brightline will minimize...

Curve the Cube #122 - Birthday 2017 and Podcast Movement - 20170901

Sep 1, 2017

My 2017 Birthday Episode Plus My First Podcast Movement Experience

Thanks for joining me on my second annual birthday episode! Episode #122 will sound very different, as I sewed together a number of daily Podcast Movement recaps with the newly-discovered Anchor App almost exclusively using my phone. The audio quality does vary from clip to clip, as I was experimenting on the fly with...