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Eggheads AHP 011 - We're Bright - 20170903

Sep 3, 2017

The Eggheads discuss the Brightline high speed train, newspaper tech, video, and the Anchor App

On episode #11 of Eggheads After Hours, we wrap our heads around the impact of transportation tech on south Florida business life--in particular the new Brightline high-speed train. With key stops limited to Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, and West Palm and an extension being worked for Orlando, the Brightline will minimize...

Eggheads AHP 010 - Heads in the Clouds - 20170803

Aug 3, 2017

Eggheads After Hours Podcast - Episode 10 - Heads in the Clouds

HELLO, tech and business enthusiasts!! Welcome to the August edition of the Eggheads After Hours Podcast. This month, we definitely have our heads in the clouds, as we talk about, well... the Cloud! What are the benefits and concerns of the Cloud--from improving productivity to avoiding privacy and security...